Insurance Claim Support

When your claim involves trees you need a resource. Whether it is a property claim or a casualty claim a Registered Consulting Arborist can assist in reaching a proper settlement.

Utility Professionals

Trees and utilities often end up in conflict. When they do you need someone who is utility knowledgable to assist you in finding a resolution.

Litigation Support

When your case involves trees it is probably not ordinary.  You may need a tree expert or a consulting arborist to assist with tree appraisal, preservation, premise liability audits™, evidence collection and much more. When your case involves trees and landscapes you need a tree expert who understands the litigation process. You may need litigation support […]

When Herbicides End Up, “Off Target”.

So how do herbicides end up “off target”? Four possibilities come to mind. Drift Volatilization Employee error Malice When you have a herbicide claim you have to determine What, How, Who, When and What now. What happened. Is it really herbicides causing the damages? How did they get there? Drift, Volatilization, Employee error, Malice? Who […]

Vine & Branch Residential Services

Are you looking for Vine & Branch?  Visit the company’s website and learn for more information on its services.