Tree Appraisal in Utility Easements and Rights of Way

Utility Line Clearance is an often misunderstood procedure. Lines often need to be cleared of vegetation so that the utility can provide “safe and reliable service”. Safety should be considered for the general public, for utility workers and for the utilities facilities. When determining “damages” to trees in easements and rights-of-way an appraiser should take into […]

Tree Appraisal- Perhaps America’s First Amenity Tree Appraisal

One of America’s First Amenity Tree Appraisals  Tree disputes have existed in America from the beginning of European settlement. In 1683 Frances Nurse sued Zerubabell Endicott for trespass. She claimed in her suit that “Mr. Endicott’s agents had trespassed onto her property and cut forty seven of her trees as they gathered firewood for Mr. […]

When Herbicides End Up, “Off Target”.

So how do herbicides end up “off target”? Four possibilities come to mind. Drift Volatilization Employee error Malice When you have a herbicide claim you have to determine What, How, Who, When and What now. What happened. Is it really herbicides causing the damages? How did they get there? Drift, Volatilization, Employee error, Malice? Who […]