• Risk Evaluation

    Jud Scott Consulting uses his years of arborist expertise to evaluate potentially hazardous trees.  As long as arborists have been examining trees we have used external characteristics to give us clues about internal conditions and assess structural stability.

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    Risk Evaluation

  • Arboricultural Dispute Resolution

    Jud Scott Consulting provides litigation and claim support including expert witness, forensic expertise and conflict resolution.  Arboriculture focuses on seeing trees as assets rather than constraints, and understanding which trees are important and which ones are not.

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    Arboricultural Dispute Resolution

  • Tree Appraisals

    Jud Scott Consulting provides fair and realistic appraisals of trees for replacement or remuneration.  Almost everyone knows that trees and other living plants are valuable. They beautify our surroundings, purify our air, act as sound barriers, manufacture precious oxygen, and help us save energy through their cooling shade in summer and their wind reduction in […]

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    Tree Appraisals

Tree Appraisal in Utility Easements and Rights of Way

Utility Line Clearance is an often misunderstood procedure. Lines often need to be cleared of vegetation so that the utility can provide “safe and reliable service”. Safety should be considered for the general public, for utility workers and for the utilities facilities. When determining “damages” to trees in easements and rights-of-way an appraiser should take into […]

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Tree Stand Safety- Pick a Safe Tree!

                        Tree Stand Safety- It is fall and you are gunning for a twelve point buck! You have scouted the woods and found a deer trail that looks like a highway. You are excited and prepare to put your stand in a tree in […]

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Herbicide Drift and Trees

It is spring and the weather has been a bit erratic. Farmers, Utility Crews, Tree Services, Landscapers and Homeowners are pushing to get their herbicide applications completed. Unfortunately, sometimes this means herbicides end up “off target” which can cause “damages” to adjacent properties, trees and landscaping. How does this happen? Drift and volatilization This happens when wind […]

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Tree Failures in Early Indiana History

Early Accounts of Property Damage Involving Trees in Indiana Trees are a property owners staple in developing a property but they can also be the cause of damage. Tree failures are not a new development as can be seen by this early account. tuesday 29  1811. we mustered as usuel. Came to Camp was ordered to […]

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Tree Preservation

Preserving trees during residential and commercial construction.  Tree preservation during construction is best preformed before, during and after the construction process. Before by assessing the site and what trees are worthy of preservation and planning for their protection. During by performing tree preservation procedures to protect the trees, keep them watered and keep construction traffic […]

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Risk and Hazard Tree Evaluation

Jud Scott has won national awards from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) for hazard tree recognition. When performing a visual tree assessment (VTA) it is imperative to inspect the ground around the tree, the root flare, the trunk of the tree, the major limb junctions, the scaffold limbs, individual smaller limbs, and miscellaneous hazards. […]

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