Premises Liability and Trees- An Age Old Problem?

Hamilton County, Indiana … when they came to the first rise above high-water mark. They went into camp and decided that in that vicinity they build their cabins and there make their future homes. Before they had had time to build a cabin a severe storm of wind and rain came upon them. A large limb […]

Tree Appraisal- Perhaps America’s First Amenity Tree Appraisal

One of America’s First Amenity Tree Appraisals  Tree disputes have existed in America from the beginning of European settlement. In 1683 Francis Nurse sued Zerubabell Endicott for trespass. He claimed in his suit that “Mr. Endicott’s agents had trespassed onto his property and cut forty seven trees as they gathered firewood for Mr. Endicott for […]

Tree Appraisal in Utility Easements and Rights of Way

Utility Line Clearance is an often misunderstood procedure. Lines often need to be cleared of vegetation so that the utility can provide “safe and reliable service”. Safety should be considered for the general public, for utility workers and for the utilities facilities. When determining “damages” to trees in easements and rights-of-way an appraiser should take into […]

Tree Stand Safety- Pick a Safe Tree!

                        Tree Stand Safety- It is fall and you are gunning for a twelve point buck! You have scouted the woods and found a deer trail that looks like a highway. You are excited and prepare to put your stand in a tree in […]

Tree Disputes- A problem older then Indiana!

Tree Disputes in Indiana- An Age Old Problem From the time the treaties were closed in 1805 until 1810, the Indians complained bitterly against the encroachments of the white men on ground which belonged to themselves, and of the unjustifiable killing of many of their number. In laying the matter before Governor Harrison an old chief […]

Tree Failures in Early Indiana History

Early Accounts of Property Damage Involving Trees in Indiana Trees are a property owners staple in developing a property but they can also be the cause of damage. Tree failures are not a new development as can be seen by this early account. tuesday 29  1811. we mustered as usuel. Came to Camp was ordered to […]

Emerald Ash Borer- You Need a Strategy! Plan whether To Treat, or To Remove and Replant.

 In April 2004 the Emerald Ash Borer was confirmed in Indiana.  It attacks all varieties of Ash (fraxinus) trees.  There are an estimated 147 million Ash trees in Indiana and over the last 15 years they have been extensively planted as ‘street trees’ throughout the state of Indiana.  It could be financially devastating to not plan and […]