Premises Liability and Trees- An Age Old Problem?

Hamilton County, Indiana

… when they came to the first rise above high-water mark. They went into camp and decided that in that vicinity they

Falling limbs can cause harm. build their cabins and there make their future homes. Before they had had time to build a cabin a severe storm of wind and rain came upon them. A large limb from a tree nearby was broken off and fell upon a tub of dishes belonging to Mrs. Solomon Finch, breaking most of them. This was a great loss, as they were all the dishes they had in the camp, and none could be had nearer than Connersville, sixty miles from this point.[i]

These events are a reminder that while we are not using wagons and dishes are more plentiful, we still need to inspect surrounding trees when, camping,  parking equipment and storing materials.

[i] Reference: A History of the Formation, Settlement and Development of Hamilton County, Augustus Finch Shirts

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