Tree Failures in Early Indiana History

Early Accounts of Property Damage Involving Trees in Indiana

Trees are a property owners staple in developing a property but they can also be the cause of damage. Tree failures are not a new development as can be seen by this early account.

tuesday 29  1811. we mustered as usuel. Came to Camp was ordered to march in 30 minutes 20 men Commanded by Capt. Berry went to guard the Boats that Carried our Provision and a Sear- geant with 8 men to guard the gov’r. we mooved to the Prairie stopt till the Baggage all Came up. I sent Back for whisky we then mooved off with the whole army Consisting of about 640 foot 270 mounted men 19 wagons and one Cart. Passt one Creek and Camped after 5 miles on the same Creek where we Camped on the 4th Inst. maid us moove Close to the army one horse killed and a wagon Broke by falling a tree a gueard set out of our Company.

Tree failure can cause harm.

Tree failure can cause harm.

This account is from John Tipton’s journal account of the Tippecanoe Campaign. It is thought to be one of the only surviving records of the historical march (recorded with spelling as written).[i]

[i] Reference: The Indiana Quarterly Magazine of History, Volume II 1906, Geo. S, Cottman, Editor and Publisher, Indianapolis.


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